Drum Lessons

Whether this is your first time exploring the world of drumming, a hobby you have always wanted to pursue, or serious leisure, allow Kiran to help you along your musical journey.

Kiran is passionate about teaching and is eager to share the knowledge he has gained through 10+ years of taking in-person lessons/masterclasses from the likes of Benny Greb, Carter McLean, Mark Guiliana, Ash Soan, Keith Carlock and Robert Sput Searight, just to name a few.

Topics like hand/foot technique, limb independence, styles like rock, jazz, funk, latin etc., sight-reading, time keeping, odd-time signatures, developing creativity, tuning, etc. will be covered.


Kiran understands that each student is different, and likes to tailor the topics around the student's interests/goals.


Unless requested otherwise, all lessons are one-to-one so that the student gets complete attention and kit time. You will be playing on a beautiful Tama SilverStar kit during your sessions. ;) Microphones are set-up to ensure high quality audio in case you chose to take online lessons.


Drum lessons are available both in person as well as online via Zoom

All sessions are one-t


Introductory session

"I want to experience the session before I commit"


per 1-hour Online session via Zoom

"Geographical constraints can't stop me from learning drums"


per 1-hour session

(50% off every fifth session)

"This is my hobby"


per 2-hour session or

two 1-hour sessions per week

"This is my serious leisure. I can commit to 2 sessions per week"

"I had my doubts at first but was quick to realise that there was no better place I knew to learn drums. We learn on a very nice kit and are free to experiment with and change the arrangement of the kit. The class is completely pointed at you! The coach asks you which topic you want to do; he teaches you with songs you pick that you enjoy listening and playing to and there is no forceful learning about a topic at all, even out of topic questions are appreciated."